Doulas are not just beneficial during hospital births.  A doula’s role extends to almost every area of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.  Even in home birth and birth center settings a birth doula usually arrives at your labor much sooner than the midwife.  Additionally, doula would be with you continually even in the event of a transfer.  Doulas offer support while midwives are primary care providers and guard the process.  They are two very different jobs and both are very important roles.


Reason’s to hire a Doula

According to a clinical trial review that studied the role of a doula, women who received doula support had:

Shorter labors than women who had no additional support by an average of 98 minutes.

36% less likely to need analgesia (epidural, etc).

71% less likely to receive Oxytocin (Pitocin).

57% less likely to have forceps delivery.

60% reduction in epidural requests.

51% less likely to have a C-section.

Several studies have found that nurses who care for women in labor spend only 6% – 12.5% of their time in supportive care activities (Tumblin, A., & Simkin, P. – 2001).  A doula will be with you from the time you want her with you until your baby is nestled in your arms.  She will also be available as you need her during and after your pregnancy for support and information.

  • Mothers report they are more satisfied with their birth experience.
  • Doulas can be a key support person from dad’s perspective too.
  • A doula is someone who will respect your desires for your birth.
  • Doulas will be there to encourage and remind you of what your desires are.
  • A doula can be a great resource as you look into your options and learn about labor and birth.

I believe all women will make the best and safest decision for themselves and their babies if they are given all the information.  The key to avoiding regrets during the pregnancy and birth is to be well informed and make decisions based on information.  Couples who take an active role in their pregnancy and labor are more satisfied with their birth experience.

My goal is to help you become informed about your body’s ability to have a baby and your partner’s ability to support you in that journey.

I am there so that he can feel supported as well.  I am not there to take over his position, but to give him the freedom to be with you.

I will be an advocate for you and do everything possible to see that your wishes are respected during your labor and birth, as well as offer physical support and comfort measures.